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SRS came to Brainwashed a blank slate as a firm, lacking even a logo, and asked us to spearhead the creation of a company identity and campaign to advertise. They sell industrial equipment that greatly helps the environment. With recent media attention to global warming and the push for more environment-friendly products, SRS's machinery appeals to the 'green' community greatly. After we created a successful logo, we needed to take this icon and build an entire company image around it. As it stood, the logo was merely a graphic with a name, but in tandem with the campaign we created, that graphic became a brand.

The Goal
Create the company's identity from the ground up to help put their name on the map in the recycling community.

The Approach
SRS has a simple message: 'there's a problem with our environment, and we have the solution.' We decided to build the ad campaign and site around this message.

The company's products and purpose were complicated and needed to be presented in a simple fashion. To do this successfully we broke the message down into two easy-to-understand categories, the problem and the solution. We presented the problem and the solution instantly on the welcome page of the Web site in order to ensure the viewer is informed as quickly as possible. With the problem-solution method we incorporated a very large and intriguing image of a landfill to display part of the problem and grab the user's attention at once.

Sustainable Recycling Solutions is a long and cumbersome name, and SRS could stand for a million things. By planting the logo along side a statement, it becomes part of a theme. The logo starts its transformation from a graphic into a brand as its surrounding language grows. It is the association of an idea with an image that builds the affiliation and recognition necessary to create a successful logo.

While browsing the pages, the viewer associates that small green triangular symbol with the metaphorical, environment-friendly meaning of 'green' that SRS propagates. By placing the logo amidst positive language and beautiful pictures in a different way on each page, we ensure that the user is becoming familiarized with the logo in a positive association.

With this conceptual foundation we supplied them with the necessary tools to advertise their company to the world and offered them with the ability to translate it to commercial, billboard, print ad, company literature, and much more through our services.

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