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Sebright Products makes and sells industrial equipment globally. Two of their most revolutionary products needed a new face so they contacted Brainwashed to help them out.

The Goal
Create an identity around these two products to reach the public in an attractive fashion.

The Approach
To begin we redesigned a couple of key selling tools for the company: a product logo and flyer. Sebright had three separate models of the Densifier with three different flyers to advertise them. To save on costs we combined all three flyers into one by tactfully combining the information of the three into a clean grid on the back of the ad.

The flyer would be distributed in the mail, they communicated to us that it needed to grab a potential customer's attention within a few seconds so that it's not thrown away. To make this a success we approached it with a strong, bold, and loud mindset. By using vibrant colors dispersed carefully, showing what the product does in a simple manner, and strategically placing text to guide focus: we came out with a very successful mailer for them to utilize.

To update their previous Xtractor product's logo we took the three elements in the previous piece and redesigned them in an up-to-date style. We created a smooth, stylized rain droplet with a swooping, fluent 'X' through it.

Brainwashed also created informational videos on the two products to be distributed to potential customers. To make them as accessible and cost-efficient as possible, we created Web sites around them to present the videos in real-time. This greatly reduced their creation costs and ensured that the videos were available to everyone at all time in a quick fashion.

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