Work done: Identity design, Web design/hosting

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Aggtech Inc. needed a company image and a low-cost option to make their information available to the public.

The Goal
Provide Aggtech with the basic tools to advertise at a low cost.

The Approach
We started by creating a logo to represent Aggtech. The company needed to stick to a red color palette in order to keep their image uniform. They also asked that I incorporate treads from a machine like a bulldozer. I began this logo by trying to stylize the shape of treads, but the treads alone weren't enough to create an icon that stands out. To remedy this, I wrapped the treads around a solid red circle, which helps represent the strength and stability that they wanted. I also designed the treads in a sharp fashion to ensure a modern and sleek look.

After giving them a face we provided them with a simple Web site to display their basic information. We also host and update their site so that it's one less thing for them to worry about.

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