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Dean Vink, Sirus Inc.
"As a service orientated company, the team at Sirus Incorporated is constantly pursuing excellent client interaction, sharing of ideas and customer satisfaction. The team at Brainwashed Advertising clearly has the same pursuit. We were consulted on a very regular basis on ideas, brainstorming and delivery, by the BW team. Their commitment to ensuring we got the Web site and design we wanted was very evident throughout the project. As a result we recommend BW to our clients on a regular basis."


Mark Fellows, AggTech Inc.
"When we joined up with Brainwashed in 2004, we knew that they were a new company in the field, but we were impressed with their commitment, maturity, and dedication of their staff. They impressed us from the beginning and they continue to now. As a company providing equipment and machinery supplies, getting a distinguishable and engaging site is somewhat a challenging task, but Brainwashed got it done. Aggetech's mission is to provide for our customers in the best, most efficient way, and Brainwashed gave those same things to us. They took in consideration our needs and put their creative spin on them to bring us a final product that we were very satisfied with. Brainwashed took the time not only to explain who they are, but understand who we are. Our experience with them has been a very rewarding one, and we would recommend this company to anyone seeking not only great designers, but great people."