The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation.

It may not be quite as forceful as strapping your customers to a chair and turning their brains into mush, but advertising is an intricate and extremely powerful device that's necessary for a company's growth. Brainwashed Advertising has the experience and knowledge to create a successful campaign from the ground up. We're masters at taking our artistic vision of a company or product and applying it to our knowledge of consumer persuasion. It's simple: you have the product, we'll help you sell it. Whether it's through an effective company identity, a powerful Web presence, or stylish video production; Brainwashed can supply you with whatever it takes to reach the public in a productive fashion.

What good is a great design to you if you don't know what to do with it?

Our job doesn't end after the design phase is complete; you're hiring us for a carefully-researched and planned campaign. We continue to analyze, market, and update it long after it's delivered to you, ensuring that it serves its purpose to the fullest extent.

Information Gathering
We'll meet with you and gather information about what your goals and needs are. After analyzing what services we can offer you, we'll learn about your company and your competitors.

At Brainwashed Advertising we're focused on the client and the product. It's not just a job for us, we have a strong passion for what we do; it's our livelihood, our hobby, and our obsession. We're experts at what we do, let us become your partner in advancing your company through whatever media necessary.