Your shirt, your cell phone, your car; what do the three have in common? They all carry a logo. Our culture is rich in advertisements; we see thousands of them daily and forget a majority of them, but what will one remember? A successful logo. In order for a company to succeed and grow it must sport an attractive identity.

Our designers at Brainwashed are highly skilled at analyzing a company's needs, goals, and personality. By determining what your business stands for we can begin to form an icon to represent you. Our experienced team will create a successful image to not only portray your company, but to set it apart from your competitors.

It doesn't end at the graphic, it's a carefully planned identity that becomes the new face of your company. Everything from a slogan or tag line that speaks with the aesthetics of the identity, to letterhead and business card designs that tie the entire campaign together. With our knowledge of how your consumers think, we can efficiently create a language around your company that speaks directly to them and maximizes your business.

Already have a logo, but not getting the results you want? No problem, we can take your current identity and update it, but keep the essence of the original to assure an easy transition. While updating your current logo we can create an identity or campaign around your company to fully utilize it.