As our culture relies more and more on the internet, the need for a stylish and effective Web site becomes increasingly vital with every click. It's the most cost-efficient form of advertising available today. For a relatively cheap price, Web advertising allows you to reach the entire world at any time of the day with as much information as you want. The difference between Brainwashed and the other guys is that we don't simply put your information on the Web-- we sell it.

The site that Brainwashed creates is an advertising campaign within itself, an instrument to not only sell the product, but more importantly: sell your company. We want to advertise the service before the product. Our goal is to give your company that three-dimensional presence it needs to achieve and maintain an attractive identity. We want the customer to leave the site with an attachment to the company because it is this connection that will keep them interested and coming back. We emphasize recognition, and through use of carefully planned color, typography, text, and imagery, the Web site will have its own surrounding language, but also one that matches the overall identity of your company. Most importantly, the Web site will contain the essential information about your company. We have years of experience in copywriting to convey your literature properly.

Not only will we design your Web site for you; we'll host it and take care of it day to day. We'll take the responsibility of marketing it through search engines and keep it up to date with the information you supply us with so that it's not another issue for you to deal with.

Our hosting meets the requirements of companies that demand leading-edge internet technologies to build powerful, secure and reliable applications such as Web site hosting, Microsoft Exchange server hosting, and IMAP protocol e-mail hosting. If your business or organization wants even more, we offer innovative communication services that sync your Windows Mobile 5 or Blackberry mobile devices with your e-mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar.

With our hosting packages you get a comprehensive breakdown of data to help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your Web site with our in depth statistics software. Each account is also given secure access to store and backup important data which can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Need something a little easier? Brainwashed Advertising also sets up and supports the new Google Small Business and Enterprise Applications. With Google Applications, you can give your employees the next-generation communication and collaboration tools they need to manage electronic communications, share and publish information and stay connected while on the go. What does this mean for you and your business or organization? There's no hardware or software to download such as Web servers, Microsoft Exchange Servers, or anything install or maintain. We even manage the online setup and administration.